Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Donut Friend

This is the girl I call "My Donut Friend". She can't be more than 13 years old, yet she spends her days walking the streets, selling donuts. She comes by our house several times a week, and although we don't really eat donuts, I buy a few from her. The investment is small and I know she really needs the money. Some days I have a little something extra for her-- juice, cookies, or some other small treat. Most days she is in my prayers. I often wonder about her parents, what they do and how difficult it must be to send your young child out to work so hard. Then I wonder how many children they might have and if they are responsible parents.

When we realized we were leaving I wanted to do a little something bigger for this young friend of mine. I talked to my helper, who I figured would have a better idea than I would. She said maybe a blanket or towel would be the most helpful as she is so poor. So, I made a sack of used bedding and linens. And how I enjoyed seeing her eyes light up at the gift!

God is good, and He does all things well. We have opportunities to help one another, yet sometimes those opportunities seem so very small, so insignificant. Yet when we follow God's leading, we can be assured He has something good in mind. I feel that way with this young friend: there is so little I can actually do, yet maybe I can be one small part of a chain that blesses her life. As I said goodbye to My Donut Friend, I prayed for blessing on her life, for an opportunity to truly know Jesus if she doesn't (she doesn't speak more than 10 words of English and I can't talk to her either). I prayed for food on her table and clothes to cover her. I asked God for an opportunity for schooling and honest work for her. Would you join me in these prayers for My Donut Friend?

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