Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Denver & Home again

Garry got home from Denver late Friday night, and we've been busy catching up since then. He had an amazing time in so many ways.... he spent a lot of time with a couple of other guys in mission aviation, men who have been doing safety for a bit longer than he has. He met other believers who are serious about bringing faith into the workplace, though they work in a secular environment. He connected with a few people in the aviation safety industry, several of them Canadian. Plus, he learned more of what it means to do an aviation audit.  All in all, it was a profitable week!

Just before Garry went to Denver a friend of his took him flying! Garry learned to fly at Harv's over 30 years ago, and the two of them have remained friends as well as us becoming family friends. Garry was thrilled to do some aerobatics and have fun, something he almost never gets to do in an airplane.. Thanks, Harv, for a great time!

Kaleb did get a bicycle and he's been busy trying new tricks on it. He's built a sort of track on the yard that I'll have to post photos of after I take them. He loves the challenges of balance, speed, and technique that it takes to ride around his track and balance on narrow items.

Kevin played another badminton tournament over the weekend, and made top-level quarters in every event. Not the win he was hoping for, but good results. Beyond playing, he had some great opportunities to interact with people, opportunities to share hope, faith, and love.

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