Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Winter Storm

We woke up the other morning to a layer of snow, winter storm warnings, and icy roads. I knew this was coming, but I'm still getting used to the reality of winter arriving. Kevin was just getting comfortable driving, and now he'll need to get used to slippery roads. At least for a while. Kaleb thinks riding his bike in the snow is great fun, though, so at least one of us is very happy for winter's arrival!

Garry just downloaded some photos to my phone, and I thought this one of a visit to the gravel pits was fun... and a reminder of warmer, longer days.

I've been thinking about culture lately, asking questions of you, my friends, and learning lots of things! I'm realizing in a new way that our experiences shape us and change us. And that in a community where there is a lot of history, there is an incredible amount of intuitive understanding of the way each other think. While people don't all think the same, in a small community people have years to learn how one another think, and there are a lot of things that simply don't need said! Personal histories are not as quickly recounted as so many people in the community lived through that history together.

Garry has been busy with safety things since he got back from Denver. He's processing and praying through some of the challenges we as an aviation organization are facing, and God is giving him direction. It's amazing how God continues to work, lead, and guide as we seek Him for the big and the small things of life. It's incredible to know we can constantly lean on God's wisdom and direction, and He never tires of giving grace, strength, and direction. Imagine, our situation is never "too much" for God!

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