Friday, November 23, 2012

Evening with Grades 5-6

Our evening with the Grade 5-6 kids on Wednesday was a blessing! We were thankful to the club leaders for inviting us to share a bit about missionary life. We enjoyed the kids. We felt God gave us something to say, and it was well-received. Our theme for the evening was that being a foreign missionary is about knowing and obeying God Himself, and that foreign missions takes a TEAM to accomplish. Once more, we are blessed.

I'm back in the office this morning, catching up on a pile of stuff that needs attention. It seems I spend a lot of time here, but the pile is continually replenished. It's a good thing I more or less enjoy office work. And I love being able to keep in touch with friends who live far away, though at the moment I'm not doing much of that.

I just realized that Christmas is just a month away. The celebration of Christ's birth that so often becomes a marathon of decorating, buying, and events. We had a little family chat about Christmas and our priorities for the season. Everybody's favorite part? Hot chocolate and long talks in front of the tree! Which means I'd better find some hot chocolate and maybe we'll be looking for a tree. I'd like to get a real one, but we'll have to check into that. And we're heading to Pennsylvania for a couple of weeks, looking forward to seeing my parents & grandma and spending time with friends there!

Both Kevin & Kaleb have been sick this week. It's rather interesting to watch the progression of a good winter cold/flu. Quite different than the same thing in the Philippines, it seems to me. So, on to handing out pills, reading books, and enjoying the quiet that sickness inevitably brings!

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