Thursday, November 01, 2012

Lead Auditor Training & City Driving

Garry is enjoying his time in Denver and learning lots. This morning they are doing a mock interview that they'll later watch and evaluate based on what they've learned this week. Tomorrow it will be testing.

Besides what Garry is learning, he has had opportunities to network with quite a few interesting people. Both people in the  aviation industry and people in mission aviation. As he seeks to develop a helpful safety program for NTM Aviation, it is crucial that he connects with others who are doing the same thing and have already learned some of what we need to know. We thank God that these connections are beginning to happen! And I'll have to share more when he gets home and I can get the whole story!

Last evening I took the boys to the city to look at bicycle parts to fix the bicycles they brought from the Philippines. Then we took Kevin for his badminton training. I find driving in the city even more stressful than grocery shopping. The rules of the road are so different here, and people drive FAST.... at least compared to the speeds we're used to on the crowded streets in the Philippines. It's a journey, something I'm willing to do because it's part of our calling, part of learning to live in this country. I'd like to model doing this learning well and with conviction as Kevin is also working through this process: often I simply do it with conviction and sometimes with a lot of emotion. And maybe that is OK: maybe I'm modelling something that matters as I walk through life with a sense of God's presence and empowering. Maybe weakness is a reality for all of us, and how we respond to our weaknesses being exposed is important.

I guess what I've been thinking is that life matters: not only life in a foreign, exotic land, but also life in North America. What matters is how I respond to God, people, and my circumstances. What matters is that I walk in grace and humility. What changes lives is my obedience in the everydayness of living and working and relating.


Benno said...

I like your everyday blue collar theology. That's a compliment.

Garry and Cynthia Barkman said...

Thanks! I like it too... we all have a place exactly where we are!

Plett Family said...

Somehow it feels kinda good to see our kitchen! Is that weird or what? And I have to admit we giggled a little at your thots on driving in "our" city, when we are having the exact same thots about driving in Spain:) which means they drive even faster here than they do in Canada!

Garry and Cynthia Barkman said...

Thanks, Pletts! We love living in your house! And it is amazing how different life is in each country! I'm really glad I'm not driving there-- it would really get to me!

Have a great day!