Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Travel and Tournaments

Our time in Saskatoon was really good! Hard, but good. So many things happened that reminded us that we were there for more than badminton, that badminton is simply a context that God is using to grow His kingdom! Travel both ways went remarkably well, though we had a near miss in Winnipeg at 3 am when someone drove through a red light and almost broadsided us. After that we weren't sleepy at all.

As far as results, Kevin did well. He made second round in mixed and lost to a very strong pair who took second in the tournament. In men's singles and doubles he played semis in the consul round.

Garry is in Denver this week, learning more about doing aviation audits! I talked to him last evening and it sounds like he is learning lots and making some great connections. This training is helping him know how to better focus his energy on safety in our flight programs. Opportunities in a unique context.

Here at home we are working hard at school, Kevin is taking some driving lessons, and Kaleb is trying to get his bicycle from the Philippines working. I am also trying to get caught up on some house stuff, putting things away that are still waiting for attention since our shipment arrived two weeks ago. We are all ready for some routine, though routine itself seems quite elusive.

Life here is very much life in the Philippines in the ways that matter. There are seemingly endless opportunities to bring the reality of God to bear on our lives, and that process affects those around us. We share His truth with the people around us, and they choose what they will do with it. The need for that truth is profound in every life, just as it is in our lives. And another similarity-- what really matters is how we interact with friends and strangers, and that isn't really appropriate fodder for a blog!

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