Friday, October 19, 2012

Chaos and Order

 The crates finally arrived in our garage on Monday morning! I thought maybe the smell of the Philippines would have accompanied our things, but the most prevalent odour was definitely from the fumigating process!

There are a lot of ways unpack things. It doesn't seem to matter how you do it, those neat packages that arrive at your destination turn into a rather large mess that needs to be cleaned up! I've tried various ways of unpacking, and to date my preference is to get everything out and organised by room. Then we take the piles to various rooms and put things away. Rather messy in the central "unpack space", but it seems to work. (And it keeps the mess more or less in one place.)

Thankfully, the mess in our dining room is now cleaned up! I still have a couple of rooms with piles, but most things have found a resting place for the next while!

Each of us got things from the crate that we've been missing, things we wanted to use right away! Kaleb found his Lego collection which has become a small town with a crowd running away from McDonald's for an undefined reason. Kevin has a pretty impressive display of badminton trophies and memorabilia. I'm enjoying my coffee grinder and Garry is thankful for the tools he brought. In the end, though, it's still just stuff. Things we use and enjoy, but just stuff that is here today and gone tomorrow.

As we finish another week of school today, I'm thankful that things are slowly getting more settled. We've been enjoying the curriculum we're using this year, which is a gift in the middle of so much chaos and change. Friends have taken me for coffee and dinner and I've been blessed by their insight and encouragement as they helped me make sense of a life that is so often foreign to me. Texts encourage me to hang on to Jesus, and phone calls remind me of what's really important in life. A friend invited me to scrapbook for a day and I was blessed. Some moments are peaceful and some have been chaotic, we've been tired and over-extended, we've been blessed and excited, we've been both homesick and thankful to be here. I guess it's the way of life.

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