Saturday, October 06, 2012


Kaleb was playing around with the camera the other day and got this photo of the full dishwasher.... rather unique and a good reminder of all the little up-sides there are to this move. Here are a few tangible things I LOVE about being back in this country....

      • the dishwasher!
      • hot running water
      • the dryer (when it isn't shrinking clothes)
      • less dirt, dust, and noise
      • the local library
      • fall colors
      • higher speed internet
      • landline phone
      • sale papers (yeah, I'm a bit weird that way)
      • unscented laundry soap
      • frozen vegetables
      • wide roads with a limited number of potholes

The list goes on and on, because we live in a country that specialises in comfort and efficiency. And many "luxuries" are relatively inexpensive here. These blessings can be a distraction to us also. We can lose our desire to get out of our comfort zone because we've made our spaces, our lives, so comfortable that we shrink from new things and places. It's a challenge and an opportunity. 

As I think of the things I'm enjoying, most of them are things that are neither priorities nor eternal. Friends on both sides of the ocean are amazing. Both continents teem with opportunities to share the reality of God and walk in faith, grace, and truth. So, while our lives have changed drastically, in some measure nothing truly important has changed, just the dressing of all we have known has taken a new shape.

Next time I hope to share a bit more about Garry's trip and our plans for the next couple of months. God is up to something big, and we have the opportunity to be a part of it! Thanks for walking this journey with us....

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