Thursday, October 25, 2012


Yup. I'm in Saskatoon, sitting in yet another badminton court in yet another city. It's weird, really. I, who hate to drive somehow volunteered to bring a van of people to Saskatoon. I thought it was about 5 hours away from home... it's more like 10. But somehow it seems this is something God is doing. Why? I'm not sure. In fact, I'm not even sure WHAT He is doing, but  it was clear to both Garry and I that Kevin and I should come here. So, God has a plan. What a good feeling. What a comfort!

With the way life is, I was pretty overwhelmed when I realized how far we were coming. (My preference is to not drive to the city, which is a mere hour away!) With the way God is, our "riders" did most of the driving! With the way life is, I had never even considered that it could be truly cold and snowy. With the way God is, we drove through some snow and there's some on the ground here, but it's all been fine.

We've enjoyed this week with Garry's sister and her family from Texas. What fun to get together, to see our sons hang out together, to spend time talking and catching up. What fun to simply be family, to walk a bit together on the journey of life towards God.

Garry heads out to Denver for a seminar on Sunday. More about that next time. For now, I need to go watch a game:).


Benno said...

I checked out the tourni results. Wow, you played two events. I didn't know you were a player. Cool!

Garry and Cynthia Barkman said...

I'm not a player... I just play:). But I had fun and playing reduces the stress of watching!