Thursday, October 11, 2012


Opportunities sometimes seem endless. Opportunities to love people, to serve people, to invest in eternity, to be a part of what God is doing. It's really one of the most amazing things about being God's children-- He is continually growing us while giving us opportunities to be used in His epic plan!

Garry had a lot of wonderful opportunities while he was in Arizona, opportunities to encourage, bless, and admonish. Opportunities to be a part of what God is doing through NTM Aviation. Opportunities to be a part of making plans for the future of NTM Aviation and especially for the Safety Program we are just beginning. Please continue to pray for us as we ask God to unfold His plans, to bring clarity, and to keep our hearts focused on Him alone!

Kevin also had opportunity to play a badminton tournament last weekend. Besides playing he had opportunity to interact with a number of people, some of whom assured us that there are opportunities to invest in people's eternities through badminton. While the badminton community is a very moral community, it doesn't seem that there are a lot of Christ-followers there, so the opportunity to live out faith in a meaningful way in that community is huge.

I had an opportunity earlier this week to spend the morning with moms of preschool kids. What fun to see little people running around and also to interact with the moms a bit.

Life. It does, in fact, provide endless opportunities to live in faith and grace. As we rub shoulders with friends and family we can either help push them toward God or draw them away from him. We can focus on what He is doing or we can center our attention on the circumstances of our lives. We can spread hope in a God who has good plans for us, or we can share our unfinished stories without hope. Opportunities. Every moment we're taking an opportunity for good or evil.

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