Thursday, June 20, 2013

OYAN Summer Workshops!

We are in a new adventure these days as we enjoy a week at the OYAN (One Year Adventure Novel) Summer Workshops! This is a workshop connected a writing course and online community that Kevin has been a part of. It's been a great mix of fun and inspiration...

It's fun to see Kevin connecting with other teens who have similar interests and are passionate about God and reaching the world. This is truly a group of fun-loving people! And there has been a lot of acting talent and good humor. Last night an improv team did a session, and it was just amazing. I laughed til my sides hurt, then laughed some more.

It's also been fun to see a lot of creative costumes, hear good music in various places as songs break out, and watch the inside humour as the group interacts.

We've been inspired by various speakers. Inspired to be salt and light to the world, to live out God's call on our lives, and to appreciate God's beauty and man's art in new ways. We've heard parts of students' stories and we've been inspired by their faith and passion. We've been impressed by student-initiated prayer meetings, Bible studies, and worship time.

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