Thursday, June 13, 2013


...moving! I think I'm quick at packing, fast at cleaning, and quite decisive about sorting. Still, it takes a while, this packing, sorting, and moving. Though I must say it's much easier to move across town than around the world! We've been doing this move slowly while we finish school and do the other things of life. And while we aren't quite finished at the old house, the new house is staying pretty organized through the process. So, it takes a while but it's getting done!

I was going through photos and found this fun one of my brother and I when we went out for coffee the last morning we were there. It was such a good memory I knew I had to blog it:).

Our summer schedule is taking shape. Kevin is working some hours, training, and taking care of various things that have been waiting for his attention. Kaleb is staying busy also working a little, riding his bike, and trying to fix his computer that seems to have multiple issues at the moment.

Kevin also got a car, which is a total God story that I should really let him tell. If you see him, ask him about his wheels... and please act impressed!

Well, we are not quite done moving, and I need to head back to the house, so I'll close for now. May your day be blessed.

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