Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fixed points

Yesterday Garry did some water egress training, training designed to improve the odds of survival in a forced water landing. One of the main points the trainers made was that a huge risk in a water landing is loss of orientation-- as the aircraft pitches and spins in the water, it is easy to become disoriented, and this disorientation can be costly. The solution? Hold fast to something stable! In so much of life, we escape disaster the same way, by holding fast to Someone stable.

This week has been both fun and challenging. Garry has been focusing on several different areas as he sets up a safety management system at Moody Aviation. He has been researching some new things and is organizing various things in different departments. It's fun to work with people from across Moody Aviation and get to know them in various ways. Yesterday I got to spend a little time at the hangar and was privileged to chat with one of the maintenance instructors who is hoping to head to Alaska next summer. They will be stationed on an island in a remote area of Alaska, doing aviation maintenance in support of missionaries who live and work in this community and surrounding areas.

Kevin has spent this week in Prince George, BC, competing on the badminton team at Canada Winter Games. This has been a great and growing experience as he has acted as team captain for badminton, lived in the athlete village, and interacted with a world that badly needs Jesus. He has enjoyed the badminton and has done well, placing 4th in men's singles in the individual event. Manitoba is playing off today for 5th place, a good ranking for the team.

Kaleb has been busy biking and building. These seem to be his main pursuits as he continues to grow and learn. He's also had lots of opportunities to invest in the neighbourhood as he interacts with kids and adults, seeking to be salt and light in his world.

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