Saturday, February 14, 2015

Quick trip

Garry made a quick trip to Nampa, Idaho last week for a safety seminar at MAF's headquarters. He stayed with friends that we knew before we were married and got to see several other families he knew from as far back as his Moody days! He also enjoyed meeting new people.

There is a lot of information and many thoughts to process, but it was a profitable week of seeing how MAF does various things and getting lots of ideas for using an SMS and the safety department. I will try to post more later as I get more information.... he just got home really late last night and I haven't gotten a good grasp of what he is thinking yet.

This week we've had several days of sunshine here, and it has been a huge blessing after weeks of fog and overcast. It's amazing how many things we take for granted, from running water to sunshine to health to an endless list of other things that allow us to survive and even thrive. Most of these things we don't think about until they are missing, so lacking them can actually be a huge blessing!... but back to the sunshine. Last Sunday was sunny and we took a family bike ride at a park here. There are great trails-- ones easy enough for me and jumps that are challenging even for Kaleb, so we all had a great time and enjoyed being outdoors.

Later in the week Kaleb joined a homeschool group at a trampoline park. Most of his free time this week, though, has been spent working on his bike. He rides a lot, and his bike is showing the wear on various parts. In fact, this morning he and Garry took it further apart and worked on it together. Thankfully it seems to be working better again.

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