Friday, February 20, 2015

The Good...

In a world that is wrecked by sin, living a life that is affected every day by the fall and evil, it is easy to lose sight of the Good. But we are admonished to think about the good, the praiseworthy, the true. And the reality is, life is full of blessings. Some of the bigger ones we notice; many of the smaller ones are easy to disregard. This morning I've been counting blessings, because not only is it a good practice, it refreshes my spirit and renews my perspective!

One of the blessings of Spokane is great mountain biking, which is an even bigger blessing if you have a son who LOVES to ride! We recently enjoyed a beautiful sunny day at Beacon Hill, a local park with lots of trails and tracks. There are places that even I can ride and challenges that are still a bit beyond Kaleb's current level. It's amazing, really. Part of it is natural, much of it is the result of hard work by people who have chosen to invest time and energy making this a great place to spend a day!

Garry was upgraded to first class on his flight home from Nampa. Really, first class isn't heaven, but it is fun and we were thankful that he was able to have a good flight. A little thing, but after countless hours in airplanes over the past years, it's a blessing to be in the most comfortable part of the aircraft (besides maybe the pilot seat!).

The other day Kaleb was finishing up school and I was deciding what I should do next when it hit me just how privileged I am. I have a wonderful husband and two amazing boys. And beyond having them in my family, I get to spend time with them! I get to teach Kaleb school, go for walks with Garry, and FaceTime with Kevin, among other things. Each day brings opportunities to love, serve, and enjoy my family, and that is a gift that I sometimes forget to enjoy.

The list is more or less endless.... and I am so grateful to live this life!

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