Saturday, February 21, 2015

Moody Aviation, Spokane

Moody Aviation’s passion is to invest in all levels of mission aviation, from training new aviators to helping Mission Aviation organizations in whatever way we can.  As a team here at Moody Aviation, we are passionate about training students to be spiritually mature, technically excellent pilots and mechanics. The focus is training people to serve in missionary aviation, and the entire program and staff are geared toward excellence that is applicable in mission aviation settings of every kind. 

Our investments here are divided between the various stages and areas of training. Most of Garry's time is spent with staff right now; a staff that spans the program here-- Biblical Studies, Aviation Maintenance training, Production Aviation Maintenance, and Flight Training. Students begin their time at the Biblical Studies Campus, focusing on spiritual growth for the first year. From there they begin more aviation-specific training. Students spend their second and third year getting maintenance training finishing up with their airframe & powerpoint license. Fourth & fifth year students focus on flight training while still doing some maintenance to gain a higher level of proficiency.
Students from Moody Aviation eventually serve all over the world, some in traditional flight programs that serve foreign missionaries and some in programs whose focus is national missionaries. From church planting support to humanitarian flights, the purpose is to spread the Gospel message and the opportunities for students to do this are diverse. Some countries welcome the Gospel with open arms while others require creative ideas to reach the people.

Garry’s interactions in Safety Risk Management  and on the leadership team and our interactions with students and staff constantly draw on our varied experience and unique perspective on mission aviation, making us thankful for each experience we've had. Beyond the interactions Garry has at work, we as a family have many opportunities to interact with various people, investing in their lives around a meal in our home, chatting at a gathering, or meeting for coffee.
We are blessed to be part of the team here, continuing the journey of investing in reaching the world through mission aviation!

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