Sunday, April 20, 2008

The days are marching by. At the end of last week my boys had a chance to do some practice games with badminton players who are here for the junior national championships! They had a blast playing lots of different people, meeting coaches, and talking badminton with different people. They have this week off school and are planning to log some time at the badminton court, watching the games.

We also met a coach and several players from the town we'll be moving to in Mindanao, our next island of service! Kevin and Kaleb have been thinking about moving and wondering if they'll be able to play badminton and what the town will be like. It was a real encouragement to them and us to meet these people and feel we have some badminton friends who will be waiting for us when we get there!

Today Garry was planning to finish up some office work and spend some time with Ben and the SIL guys who are back here in Puerto again. However, it was not meant to be. One of our missionaries contacted us just after 8:00 this morning and asked if we could do an emergency flight. Kunis, a tribal lady, is very sick and needs help quickly. The missionaries don't know how to help here, so they are sending her to a doctor in town. What a blessing to be part of the solution to this need!

This flight also allows Ben to get some extra practice at a strip down south. He's been getting lots of practice over the past week and is doing a great job at the different strips. God is bringing along a number of flights for the coming weeks, which should give Ben good opportunity to move ahead with his checkout!

We're thankful for the way God is working out our days. And even more thankful to be safe in His powerful, loving hands!

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