Thursday, April 03, 2008

Good morning! How's your day going? Things here are sunny and warm after an early morning rain shower. It seems an odd time of year to be having rainy weather, but it's a welcome change!
Today we're having a friend over for lunch. I decided to try a glazed ham... I've been making my own ham for a while now, but I haven't ever tried to glaze it. Here's hoping it turns out OK:)!

We've been getting our exercise at the badminton court recently. Kevin is getting more and more competitive... actually, I think we're all getting better! It's fun to go see our friends, great exercise, and a nice way to relax. On the left is a picture of an outing we had with our badminton friends-- this is just the kids!

Garry is working today on some airstrip recommendations for another island. I never cease to be amazed at the scope of what we're involved in... Garry has to know so many different technical things as well as relate to many different people.

I keep getting started on the pile in my office only to be diverted before I make much progress. Maybe today will be different:)!

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