Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Good afternoon! Garry just got back from a somewhat unexpected flight. Tim is at one of our locations and had planned to come out tomorrow. However, he hasn't been feeling the best and since he was able to finish his work today called to see if we could pick him up a day early. We were glad to do so, and he's in town now... no doubt thankful for electricity, somewhere simple to get some supper, and air conditioning!

This afternoon I had taken the boys to the badminton court across town to watch the junior national playoffs. We went in a tricycle and had planned for Garry to pick us up. However, when plans changed to do the flight we needed transportation home. We had a bit of a walk, but we found a friendly driver who delivered us to our house.

The past couple of days our yard has been a beehive of activity. We're trying to fix the flooding problem we've had by adding a bit more topsoil. A friend of Garry's is doing the work with the help of his son and his nephew. Kevin and Kaleb were outside digging, smoothing, and sweating most of the day also! We now have a much better idea of how much 12 cubic meters of dirt is as well as a very brown yard!

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