Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's been fun to hear the progress of the California group. The missionaries enjoyed good times of fellowship and worship with them and were blessed by their presence! Today they are all headed back to town-- some via a 45 minute flight and some 10-minutes by air then 4 1/2 hours by bus. I look forward to meeting them in town over the next couple of days!

Although this is the height of dry season in theory, the last week we've enjoyed lots of rain! Yesterday we checked out the weather satellite and saw an awful lot of bad weather forming... a low-grade typhoon, to be exact. Not a good sight when you're planning a long day of flying! However, after some hard rain in town at 6:30 and a small downpour at the remote location soon after that, things cleared up. Garry was able to fly and by 5 pm everyone was at their destination... except those who are still on the bus:).

On Saturday a friend from home arrived to volunteer at a local orphanage. We wanted her to be able to get settled, so we didn't see her until yesterday morning. She brought a lovely note and some New Bothwell and Grunthal cheese from home! Wow! The familiar taste brought tears to my eyes... there's just something about the things that you've long known and loved that is special. I know-- I'm just married into the whole community, but you all have made me feel such a part of it!

Kevin spent some time in his garden today. His tomato plants are producing amazingly well, though the fruit is still green at this point. Kaleb was busy building a hovercraft from a Styrofoam plate. He's hooked up a small motor from a remote control car and it actually moves!

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