Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Good morning! Garry is on his way home after doing a training session at one of our airstrips and picking up a passenger. They were at the same location where they left the California team on Monday, so I'm sure they enjoyed seeing how things are going.

This afternoon Ben and Suzy hope to move their things into their new house and we plan to help them. Then we'll have them and anyone else who is helping move for supper... I'm thinking scalloped potatoes and ham, but we'll see what really happens:).

Last week Rita and I enjoyed coffee at this little restaurant that is built out over the bay. Rita always encourages me back to God and His calling and plan-- a great friend! She and her husband are heading back to Norway next month and will leave a big hole in our lives.

Yesterday the boys spent the better part of the day at the regional badminton competition. Since they're not enrolled in a local school they couldn't join the competition, but that didn't stop them from watching the games and enjoying time with their friends. there.

We've been praying for our badminton friends, that God would allow us as a family a chance to speak truth into their lives. Yesterday Kevin had such an opportunity when one of his friends said he's been reading "The Heavenly Man". Fred, who's 15, commented that he didn't know God still does stuff today, but since reading that book he has a new direction and passion for life. Pray with us for Fred and for wisdom for Kevin as he interacts with these kids.

Here is a picture of some of the boys' badminton friends. Fred is in the light red shirt in this picture. Aldrin, who's kneeling behind the rest of the group, is recovering from some major health problems after a suspected stroke earlier this year. Arnold, on the far left, is the one who pulled Kaleb out of the river when he got tired of swimming at our new year's party.

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