Monday, August 18, 2008

Another day has passed ... another day of learning, of being blessed, of reaching out and being reached out to. Yes, we are blessed to be God's kids and it's a good thing to remind ourselves of!

We woke this morning to the fresh smell of all the plants here at the guest home. This morning Garry worked on some stuff while I spent a little time with Abby, catching up a bit and discussing food allergies and sensitivities. I was so blessed when she offered to have the cooks make something for Garry every meal-- thank you, Jesus!

The boys have been enjoying playing table tennis today. We also spent some time in the library and did a little bit of school. Just before lunch we took off to drive around town a bit. We hoped to pick up a few things at a pharmacy and grocery store and find a badminton court. We found a pharmacy and began asking about a court.After exploring all the roads we thought they could have meant, we'd run out of ideas and still hadn't seen a court.

Just then Kevin noticed a boy with a badminton racket getting into a tricycle, sort of a local taxi. We quickly decided to follow the tricycle, which we did. We came to a large building with a lot of different things on the front... and then noticed it also said "badminton center", so we went in. We saw a small group of kids pointing at us and I heard them say "Palawan, Palarong Pambansa" (which means the national school meets where we met lots of people on Palawan). Very soon one of them came over to welcome us to the court and invite us to play! What a experience to remind the boys of God's care and concern for even the small the details of their lives!

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