Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wow! The test flight went well yesterday and now both airplanes are securely parked at the SIL base! We are so thankful that they are out of this location as the folks here are planning to leave on Wednesday-- of course we would have had to stay if the airplanes were here!

Garry and Kevin spent most of yesterday fixing some small issues on the airplane. Kaleb and I spent some time with friends who just moved there. Kaleb played with the kids and Sarah and I had a lovely visit.

This morning Garry and Kevin are headed back to the SIL base to finish up a few things. Kaleb and I will pack things up when I get done blogging:). Today is Garry's birthday, but we've decided we'll wait to celebrate til we get to Manila and can do something really fun!

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Jonathan said...

Glad to read your blog and hear that both planes are airworthy and safely up north. Good work! Jonathan and Heidi