Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Good afternoon! Plans are changing again, as they usually do! This morning Garry got a call from the check pilot canceling his check ride. This means that we'll need to do some slightly different paperwork for Monday morning. Steve is headed to town now to send that to Manila. Hopefully by the end of next week Garry will be able to fly the airplane.

In the meantime, he is finishing up work on the cylinder. He's run into a few problems today, but everything seems to be about done now, I think:). After that he has a small stack of administrative stuff that needs attention and he and Steve will finish packing up the hangar here. Near the end of next week we expect to send a shipping container to Palawan with everything from the hangar as well as Steve and Ja's personal stuff (they will be living in Palawan after their short furlough).

Kevin and Kaleb have been busy "walling" today... sort of like badminton racquetball, I guess. I thought I'd join them, but in the end decided it must take a bit of practice-- practice I haven't gotten yet!

We also enjoyed having Steve and Ja for lunch today. I made a hamburger stew that warmed us all up and we had a nice, long chat over it!

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