Sunday, August 17, 2008

Good evening! This is a random shot of Garry working on the C180 before he took it to Bagabag. We're so thankful that things worked out so well in Aritao!

We are now in Mindanao, enjoying yet another guesthouse! It's good to be here and see some friends we haven't seen for a quite a while. This week Garry will be doing quite a few meetings regarding plans for the future of the flight program here. Pray with us that it will become clear what God has in mind for us here!

We had a great few days in Manila, spending time with our NTMA teammates, enjoying a few Starbucks coffees, seeing missionary friends from different islands. For my part I really enjoyed not having to cook for a few days! The ladies in the kitchen were great at baking a potato for Garry or doing something simple that would allow him to eat in the dining room:).

Last week I learned that one of my helpers is expecting a baby in October. I feel for Neva, knowing that being a single mom is not going to be an easy road. She has decided to go home with her parents for a while and I trust it will be a good time. Her situation reminds me of God's relentless pursuit of us--no matter how far we run, He seeks us!

Yesterday we were packing to come and I was just overwhelmed with all the junk. Too much stuff, and I'm getting tired of sorting it for wherever we're going and packing it up! I realized then that we have been back and forth between different guesthouses about 6 times in the last 8 weeks since we left home... maybe it's OK to feel rather tired of packing and moving!

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