Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Good evening! I wanted to send a quick update on our day... Garry ended up having to pull the cylinder this. However, he found the parts he needs to fix it, so it isn't as big of a deal as he had anticipated. Work is progressing well, but it's 8 PM and he isn't finished yet. I think he'll be glad when it's done:)

Kevin spent the afternoon helping Garry and I think Steve is there now. Tomorrow he hopes to finish preparing for the checkride, which is confirmed for Thursday. We are praying that things come together for that, as there are several pieces of the puzzle that are still not clear.

Kaleb was busy in the yard today, making a big sand castle. In the end he thought it looked a bit more like a fort than a castle.

This evening we had Steve and Ja and Markus and Sarah for supper. I made a simple stroganoff and cooked some veggies. It was fun to spend some time together, particularly since this is Sarah's last night here before she moves to another location.

After 5 days of rain the sun peeked our for a few moments today! This evening it's drizzling again, but I'm hoping for a sunny day when I wake up tomorrow!

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