Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The chaos continues, though it is diminishing somewhat slowly. Life in general is getting more settled as I continue to train a relatively new helper and we try to settle into a new routine. It's incredible to be in Palawan and not running the flight program!

This is the boys on the porch of the guesthouse in Mindanao. The property there is lovely, and I thought I'd share a few photos of our time there today.

We are so thankful that Garry's meetings in Manila got canceled so he is still home with us! We enjoyed a great afternoon with Ben and Suzy yesterday, hearing how things have been here in Palawan and just catching up as friends and co-workers. It's really fun to see thier kids and how much they've changed in the weeks we've been gone! Garry's been spending some time at the hangar with Ben this week talking through some plans for the hangar itself and the engine change that's due in November.

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Markus and Sarah said...

Hey sister! So glad you are home and that the chaos is slowly diminishing. :-) Haven't been able to access your blog since the move because you are blocked by their firewall, but we're working on getting that changed. Enjoy catching up with Harts and being in your own beds again! xoxo