Monday, September 15, 2008

Good afternoon! Yesterday turned out sunny in the morning and rainy in the afternoon, so I didn't even have to wish for an overcast afternoon! It actually poured until the yard was under nearly a foot of water in some places. Kaleb loves running around outside in the rain and yesterday was no exception.

It's been amazing to be here in Puerto and not be responsible for the flight program. Ben and Suzy are doing and amazing job! It's been fun to spend a bit more time with them since we came home and catch up on what's been going on while we've been gone. It's also been fun to see how much their kids have grown and hear their thoughts about the program here after working here for several months.

This week Garry is spending some time at the hangar and some in the office at home. He's beginning to catch up with some of the backlog of stuff that has been waiting for his attention for a LONG time! I'm enjoying having a bit more time to cook, read to the boys, and spend a little time with friends... today anyway. Soon I hope to attack some of my projects that have been waiting a long time-- and maybe one of them is YOUR e-mail that I hope to answer soon!

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