Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Good afternoon! It's been a busy day here at our house. Kevin made us some great granola bars this morning, though they are a bit hard to cut. Oh, well, they taste good! Since then he's done some reading and then gone to his garden. The other day I tried to cook some dried black beans only to find out they had been over half eaten by bugs-- yuk! I told him to throw them somewhere for compost, and they sprouted! Now hopefully we'll get some more black beans from them!

Kaleb has been busy painting today. He's been working with watercolor pencils as well as oil-based paint. I think he's gaining some skill with paint lately!

Last Friday Garry burnt his leg on his motorcycle so we've been doctoring that for the past few days. The climate here really encourages infection, but we're praying that we can avoid that. It looks pretty good so far, but there is still a lot of healing that needs to happen.

This morning I asked a friend to help me talk to Jhean, my helper, since she doesn't speak much English. I explained a new routine to her through the interpreter then she asked a few questions. Soon she was in tears, but I still don't have any idea why, nor did the other lady. Maybe she was just afraid she was in trouble? In a culture that hides everything that could be considered negative it is sometimes hard to figure out what's going and what the truth is!

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