Monday, March 01, 2010

Good morning! Pauline and I went to town yesterday with my camera, so thought I'd post a couple of photos:). We went to buy some fruit, mailed some letters, got a book bound, and also went out for coffee... fun!

Last evening Brian and Bailey joined us for supper-- by flashlight. If the electricity is off I think you should at least enjoy a candlelight dinner, but unfortunately I haven't bought candles yet, so it was flashlight.
They are going on a flight with Garry this morning-- in fact, they should be leaving any time! Here's hoping they get some pictures!

I'm trying to catch up on a few office things here. I also got a quick chat with both Garry's parents and mine, which was nice. If you've been wondering why I'm not answering many e-mails or blogging very often, I've switched computers and am having a bit of a time getting my new one going... and then sometimes it does funny things, too! My fault, not the computer's!

The boys went to play badminton after their chores were done (yup, we have Dustin working HARD here!). They were going to play till they were either tired or hungry-- I'm guessing hungry comes first.

Hope you have a blessed day!

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