Thursday, March 04, 2010

It's Thursday afternoon here... we've been waiting all day for the weather to clear so Garry can go pick up Jason & Shirley. It's 2:30 here now, and Garry just took off. We're so glad he is able to do the flight today-- it is hard if people are all packed up, ready to come out, and the flight is delayed a day or more. Yesterday Garry tried to take Cliff & Pauline to visit one of our remote locations, only to arrive at the destination and not be able to see the strip because of bad weather. So, they turned around and came home... a real experience, though not the one we were hoping they'd have!
The boys have been doing lots of bike riding. They've made a bit of a track in the yard and are enjoying racing on it. They've also been playing badminton and doing lots of other fun stuff. It is so fun for them to have Dustin here!

Yesterday afternoon we went to Kaamulan and spent a couple of hours walking around. It was truly amazing to see all the things they're selling and doing there! I was hoping to post some pictures, but alas, they are lost somewhere on my computer!

In fact, a lot of things seem to be lost on my computer of late. So, if you're waiting for an answer to an e-mail or hoping I'll blog again soon... well, you might need some patience!

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