Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Good morning! I mostly just wanted to check in and say we're doing well here in Cebu. It has been so very good to be here with Richard and Carmen and their family. We've been keeping busy entertaining kids, cooking, shopping, and doing whatever else we can to make ourselves useful. Their time here has been long and they are facing so much-- we are so glad we could come for these days!

This morning we want to go grocery shopping for them then we'll head to the hospital to meet them. Kaleb and Kevin brought some entertaining things to do at the hospital, so the kids will play there for a while. At this point Elias is very content just to watch the goings-on, which he enjoys.

Tomorrow we head home again. Brian and Katherine, our helicopter family, will meet us there for a few days of flight program talking and catching up. We are really looking forward to some time with them!

We are also hoping that Brian and Bailey's little one will have arrived by the time we get there-- can't wait to meet him!

Have a good and Godly day....

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