Monday, May 03, 2010

Yes, we're on a journey. And the past few days have been rather eventful... on Saturday morning we received a test from Richard and Carmen, our friends and co-workers, that their son Elias had a HUGE tumor on his brain. Elias is 6 years old and had been having some balance problems over the past week. They took him to a doctor who sent them to a neurologist who ordered and MRI. Days of waiting and praying.

They were in a city a couple of hours from here and needed to admit Elias to the hospital to begin treatment. First they would give him medication to reduce the swelling on his brain. In two days they would be moved to a larger city for surgery. The pressure on Elias's brain is such that he can't fly-- the doctors recommended transportation by ferry.

Garry and I headed off to see them at the hospital and were happy to do a few little things for them and just be there. We are so thankful that Jamie had arrived from Canada on Friday and could stay with our boys while we went to the city. Over the past couple of days we've been busy helping them arrange their travel as well as somewhere to stay in Cebu, where they'll have the surgery. The doctors have agreed to let them fly by small airplane, since our guys can stay low and it reduces Elias's exposure to germs as well as transports him in about an hour instead of 12 hours or more.

Today Elias and part of his family are flying to Cebu with Brian and Garry. Carmen, Elias's mom, has a bad cold and has to delay travel for a day. Robby will meet them there to help during the hospital stay. Friends of friends will pick them up at the airport. They found a place to stay. The neuro-surgeon there comes highly recommended. Yes, a million little details have already come together.

Please pray for Elias. Pray for healing. Pray for grace for him and the family. Pray for wisdom for the doctors. Trust with us in the eternal goodness of God...

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