Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's Wednesday already! First, a quick update on Elias. On Monday the scan showed some buildup of blood, so they put in an external drain. That was removed yesterday! Elias can move all his limbs and is eating soft food already. Wow! Today they will get the final results of the biopsy done from the first surgery. After that the doctors will suggest any further treatment that might be needed.

Tomorrow is little Melissa's birthday... we are praying they can celebrate all together in a normal hospital room. (At the last report Elias was still in ICU.) Living in a different city, taking turns at the hospital, and trying to keep two other active kids entertained must be challenging at times for Richard and Carmen. Yesterday a couple of us got together and sent a little package... I hope it arrives safe and edible:).

And this is another thing you can purchase-- little fish for 10 cents-- delivered in plastic bags!

Here at our house we are thankful for quiet election days. Today Garry is at the airport getting things ready for tomorrow's flight. The boys and I are enjoying a quiet day at home doing school. This is their last week before semester break, which we are all looking forward to!

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