Sunday, May 09, 2010

Wow, God! That's all I can say about Elias's surgery. The surgery was long-- I believe about 6-7 hours, but the doctors were able to remove all visible parts of the tumor. Today (Monday) is a catscan to see what else might or might not be left. We're praying that there is nothing left that needs treatment! Also, the initial biopsy showed the tumor to by low-non malignant. It doesn't appear that Elias will have any long-term effects from the surgery, but I guess that takes time to find out as he begins doing more normal things. However, he can smile, talk, and swallow-- all miracles at this point! They are hoping to move him out of ICU today-- yeah!

Today are national elections here. Pray with us for peaceful elections and for a positive outcome.

And this is Kaleb's Lego Blacksmith wishing us all a great day.

Garry is thankful for an office day today-- I mean, he doesn't enjoy the office, but he is glad to be able to get some things done in his office. The boys and I are about ready to start school.

Garry's mom sent me the Blumenort cookbook for my birthday-- what fun I've been having trying friends' recipes. Today I'm going to try another one-- a chicken in cream sauce. Sounds great.


The Røsviks said...

Hi...haven't been online for a while and suddenly heard about little Elias via facebook but couldn't find any details so we've been praying, but haven't been sure of what was going on or how the surgery went. Thanks so much for posting these, and we are continuing to pray for the whole family. It's so neat to hear how God is already answering prayers. Miss you all.

Garry and Cynthia Barkman said...

thanks, Sara! I know they appreciate continued prayers... this is a journey. And yes, God is answering in amazing ways!