Wednesday, May 12, 2010

School's out! Yahoo for spring break! Yeah, we are on a funny schedule at the moment, but we are happy for a break from the normal school routine. In celebration we hope to do spring cleaning, bake some cookies, and read some good books... just kidding! The boys are thinking cookies sound good, badminton and biking sound relaxing, and that they'll enjoy sleeping in a for a week! I actually agree...
Jamie should have arrived home today (or the day I started trying to post this!), so I thought it was a good day to write a bit about what we did while she was here. We had fun a few times, though much of here time here was just busy with Elias's diagnosis and a quick trip to CDO. Jamie did a great job of pitching in and helping in the midst of the chaos!

Saturday morning we went to the market to shop. I thought you might enjoy seeing the options for your chicken for dinner-- buy it frozen at the wet market or fresh (and live!) at the open market. Umm... I LOVE the wet market! We did buy fresh veggies and enjoy a fresh coconut milk at the market (which I have photos of that will not appear when I try to upload them!) Later Saturday morning we heard about Elias and Garry and I headed to the city soon after lunch, leaving Jamie with the boys.

We got home late on Sunday, just in time to head to the guesthome for dinner and a baby shower for Bailey. I think Jamie enjoyed meeting the rest of our team-- they're great and very international.

Monday we spent doing some cooking and looking for a place for Richard & Carmen to stay in Cebu, where they were headed for the surgery. In between Jamie helped me teach school. Bailey was also here for morning, flight following by radio (she's been training with me and is taking over that job, but doesn't have a radio in her hourse). Tuesday the guys flew Elias's family to Cebu and we were by the radio. Jamie baked a couple kinds of cookies for us, which we all thoroughly enjoyed, especially Kevin! Wednesday was another flight day, which meant radio while doing school.
And Wednesday Jamie and I took off for lunch and some "girl time". She made me try halo-halo, a frozen delicacy of combined ice-cream, fruit, vegetables, and I have no clue what else. I decided I don't need any for a while... though she seems to have acclimated to it just fine! We also made bread-- go Jamie! And Jamie cooked supper for all of us while I was catching up on some other stuff. She made her mom's Chicken Parmesan with spaghetti Alfredo. It was amazingly good!

And Thursday came way too soon... we headed to the city in the morning and did another coffee, a little "malling", and lunch at pizza hut before it was time for Jamie to head out. Wow! Good memories!

We just got an update on Elias today (Saturday noon). It seems there was a mistake and they are currently saying that

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