Friday, April 27, 2012

Heading out again...

We've really enjoyed having Brian, one of our co-workers from the Philippines, here this week. It's been good to catch up, though not nearly as much fun as it would have been if the rest of his family could have accompanied him. The guys have been having endless meetings with various people, sharing ideas.

This week quite a few friends have had us over for meals and a good visit. It's been fun to see a few people we hadn't really gotten to connect with yet. There really is something about chatting over a meal or in the living room that is different than talking in the office.

We leave on Sunday, so things are getting busy with packing and sorting once again. It seems the suitcases barely get stored before we're filling them up again. This time we aren't going back for very long, so the packing isn't such a big job. Still, there are things to store and things to go, the house to clean up a bit before we go, and several items to return to people who have lent them to us. It's a process. 

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