Sunday, April 29, 2012

View from the jet...

30,000 feet is a LONG way up. And yet here we sit-- squished in airplane seats, eating and drinking and watching movies and writing blogs. It hardly seems possible! In fact, much of the last few days has felt more like a dream than reality!
Garry and Brian finished up their meetings just after noon on Friday, and that seemed like a good time to get serious about packing. Because we’re only headed back for a few months, we aren’t taking a lot back. Still, closing up a house and getting everything you’ve used for 7 weeks into suitcases, stored, or returned to the lender is a bit of a process. But it all got done, and now we’re on our way! 
We stand amazed at all that happened in our last week in McNeal. Garry and Brian spent several days together, many hours of those in meeting with other people. All in all, Garry was able to tie up quite a few loose ends this last week, though there are still things that are in process. We were invited out for supper most every night and got to catch up with a few more people. I caught a the cold/flu that my guys had last week. Friends showed up on Saturday to bless us by helping us clean. We packed up and had a good day with friends on the way to Tucson to leave this morning.

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