Monday, April 09, 2012

So, I was actually going to post a photo today, but blogger won't let me. Every time I choose a photo, blogger logs me out. I can't figure it out, so once more, no photos!

I've been reading some Kempis lately. I've been challenged once more to think about my priorities and what I'm investing in eternity. I love this quote, "It is vanity to follow the desires of the flesh, and to labor for that for which thou must afterward suffer more grievous punishment." Truly, it is easy to pursue that which will only bring us loss in eternity!

And this one for when we wonder about things that don't matter, "What availeth it to make a great dispute about dark and hidden things; whereas for being ignorant of them we shall not be so much as reproved at the day of judgement?" To pursue Christ alone should be our goal and our greatest joy!

In the tangible world, we are busy with school and work. We are trying to make plans to return to the Philippines at the end of this month, and working on how to get everything done that needs done before then.

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