Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm expecting Garry home any minute, but I thought maybe I'd see if I could fit in a quick blog before he gets here. Kevin isn't feeling the best, so he's been napping the better part of the afternoon, though now he's busy again at his computer. Kaleb is outside with friends. What a blessing for him to have friends to do things with after being pretty much on his own for the past years!

I've had an unexpectedly quiet afternoon. I needed to do a little cooking for a potluck we're having this evening, and another appointment got cancelled. So I've been here cooking and doing a little cleaning. The music is blaring (or close), and my heart feels at peace and refreshed. I need to take time to slow down, time to be refreshed in God's reality and to catch up with the frenetic pace of our lives and my mind. I once heard that peace is a good indicator of spirit health, and I think it's at least somewhat true.

We have been facing some major challenges lately, and it seemed that more challenges arrived daily in our inbox. This morning, though, we had two incredible answers to prayer in our inbox! Wow, God! You work when we trust you and commit ourselves to you in prayer! What a great reminder that this is truly God's work, a team effort of so many people who are committed to seeing the name of Jesus known and glorified throughout the world.

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