Monday, April 23, 2012

Water, Blessings, and Expectations

Water. It's one of those things that we use constantly, and however it comes to us is usually a blessing! The availability of drinkable water here in North America continually amazes me-- you can drink the water at restaurants and even water fountains are not really scary. I drink water from my faucet at home. I love using hot water to wash and rinse dishes without the hassle of heating it on the stove. I love being able to simply rinse a spoon I had in one pot and use it in another (no need to dry off every contaminated drop of water!) Yet, like so many things that are readily available, it is easy to forget the blessing of it. The access we have to quality food, health care, and any number of goods here in North America is incredible. Still more amazing are people who touch our lives-- blessing, challenging, and encouraging us. And worlds beyond that is the constant access we have to the God of the Universe. He's right here-- have you talked to Him today?

We've all been sick over the last week, and it's changing our expectations as we look at leaving Arizona at the end of the week. We have shortened our "to do before we leave" lists and are sad for the friends we aren't going to see this time around. Yet we are confident that this is God's plan, that as we follow Him the really important things will happen. I'm seeing that probably He has someone better in mind to do some of the things we thought depended on us!

Kaleb is really enjoying riding bicycles with friends here. They've made a little BMX track on the property here and they are all jumping higher, faster, and better than they did last week! Kevin has been doing a lot of sitting since he injured his ankle just over a week ago. He's pretty thankful for a new series of books someone just introduced him to!

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