Thursday, July 12, 2012

Friday and the week is nearly gone. Amazing how that happens... Monday you think you have a long week ahead, and suddenly it's gone. Despite the way it's hurried by, it's been a good week. Garry and Jason have done a lot of flying this week, basically completing the checkout process in a couple locations. Jen and I have done some flight billing together. The boys have put in good days of school. We've seen several friends that we hadn't been able to catch up with until now.

But is that really the way to define a good week? While we are called to work and to do the things God has for us, what we do does not define us as people. We are defined by God, and His definition is always worse than our greatest fears and better than our wildest dreams. His redemption defines us, and as His creation we have value. And as His creation we love to accomplish tasks and connect with people and explore the reality of the God of the Universe. And I think that's good.... it's rewarding to do what we were created to do and there is no greater blessing than the opportunity to know God and live out His plan for our lives!

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