Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I decided to carry on a bit more with the idea of transition and change. And since this morning is yet another "last", I thought maybe I'd share some of my thoughts on the "lasts".

This morning Garry is headed north with Jason to one of our remote locations. If all goes as planned, this will be his last operational or training flight in the Philippines. Likely his last day at the hangar. The location where he's going has a special place in our hearts, because the Gospel was presented there for the first time when we lived in Palawan. The missionary families who have served there over the past 7 years have all been good friends. The tribal church there is growing and maturing. However, it's currently raining at that locations, so we might get to do this all again tomorrow! One way or another, Garry has already done his "last flight" into many locations.

Yesterday we finally finished our school year and are going into "summer maintenance" mode! When we start school again we'll be in Manitoba. I can hardly believe that another school year is done and homeschooling overseas will be a memory from now on.

Last Sunday we took Kevin's badminton coach and his wife out for lunch. Our last time with them as a couple, saying goodbye and reminiscing on some great times together. Thanking them for the help they've been to Kevin.

Quite a few of our missionary friends have been in town while we've been here, so it's been a series of goodbyes in that arena also. First one, then another, have returned to their remote locations. We've been avoiding saying goodbye as we realize that we might see them again here or there: and that we'll for sure have eternity together!

Yesterday we sent out an update, the last one we'll do from the Philippines. Favorite restaurants and favorite places are getting their last visit.

Yet, while we do so many "lasts" we are reminded that we are moving into something new. God is doing something new in our lives, taking us to new places and new experiences and new people. I always love the fact that each goodbye brings a hello, each ending is a new beginning. It's a tiny reflection of the reality of eternity-- life is circular, not linear.

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