Sunday, July 29, 2012


 We've done it before, and we'll do it again. I think we are better at packing then we've ever been, but we like it less. Maybe it's that some of the excitement of going somewhere new has worn off. Or maybe it's that we're just tired of the process-- sort it, pack it for multiple places, mark it, go somewhere else, unpack it, organize our new space, and then the cycle starts again!

I have a couple of coffees today, saying goodbye to friends. And in between we hope to get the house pretty much cleaned up. Garry is cleaning up some office stuff, ending his phone plan, buying cell phone load, taking Kevin to do some errands, and doing the actual packing. Tomorrow there will be enough last minute things without planning the day full! And, somewhere in there I'll have to bake something, my little therapy for times in transition.

The boys are doing their last table tennis lesson and sorting through their own stuff. And this evening we hope to have one last badminton time with our badminton friends.

I've been reading lately about thankfulness, about focusing on what God IS doing instead of becoming discouraged at what He is NOT doing. Our desire to control things gets in the way as we strive to figure things out, then make God fit into our expectations. And He never does! He is the one with the cosmic plan, the eternal purposes, the infinite wisdom and understanding. And it's His plan He's working, not ours. When we realize that, we begin to count blessings instead of disappointments. And in the process of counting blessing we are changed. We begin to appreciate His gifts instead of moaning about what we wish we had. We begin to appreciate His love, His plan, His grace, His goodness. And that is always a good thing!

What are 5 things you're thankful for today?


bev said...

Was truly inspired by your post today. Our visas have not yet arrived and our phone call to the consulate last week can be summed up with them saying, "Don't call us, we'll call you." But we continue to trust that the visas will be granted and arrive sometime soon. You've reminded me to not dwell on what hasn't been done yet, but rather be thankful for all of the affirmations we DO have: YOU are #1...our house will be taken care of while we are away. #2 our vehicles are sold/will be taken care of. #3 Our pets have gone on to good homes. #4 our Prayer Support Calendar is overwhelmingly filling up. #5 Our contacts in Spain continue to encourage us, affirm that they are eagerly waiting for our arrival and are gathering to specifically pray for us.
There, that's 5!!

Garry and Cynthia Barkman said...

Wow, Bev! Your comment inspired me today! My top 5 today... #1 I'm thankful that saying goodbye is hard-- it means we've got great friends and great memories, #2 Friends, the list of whom is incredible, #3 an opportunity that has opened up for Kevin in MB badminton, #4 Family, both immediate and extended that surround my life with smiles and love, and #5 Neat things God is doing for Kaleb during our time in Manila. yes, it is good to list some of them!
And Bev, we're praying your visas come through and God continues to work out every detail for the coming year!