Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Goodbye, Scout...

We are loving Palawan, heat and all! Really, we're loving the people here, the people who were our first friends when we arrived in the Philippines. It is good to be back! Having Jason and Jen here is a bonus, a really nice way to say goodbye to this island.

Garry and Jason have been into several locations already, and the flight checkout is going very well. Tomorrow they'll be back in the air, headed south to several of our other locations. I spent part of a morning with Jen while she did radio flight following, mostly talking and doing a little work in between:).  

Since I didn't really get to blog through moving out of Mindanao, I wanted to continue blogging about some of what happened the last weeks while I was in the hospital and until we left. Leaving our dog Scout, was hard. The goodbyes were much easier knowing that he'd be staying with friends of ours. Thankfully, he and their lab Maggie got along well right from the start. I'm sure they're inseparable friends by now.... which doesn't mean we don't miss Scout, simply that we are content with where he is. 

It's funny how we cling to things, how one goodbye simply piles on another.... losing Kody was hard, more so because she suffered. But this goodbye was hard because it hit spots that were already raw from so many goodbyes, so many last things, so many closing chapters of our lives.

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