Friday, July 28, 2006

Do you ever make donuts?! I haven't done it for a lot of years, but the boys and I were looking for something interesting to do and decided on donuts. So this morning found our kitchen a mess of dough, hot oil, and donuts in all stages. Kevin made the toppings-- glaze, cinnamon and sugar, and plain sugar. They turned out quite well (thanks for the recipe, Mom Barkman!). We ended up with more than we had bargained for, so invited a few friends to help us eat them!

When we were finished making donuts the boys returned to their other projects. Kevin is making a knife out of an old sawblade he found. Unfortunately, the steel is harder than his grinding bits, his file, or anything else he's tried to sharpen it with. I believe he'll think of something yet:). Kaleb is enjoying looking through art books and doing different projects. Today he did an oil pastel picture and a project where he cut out the armour of God and pasted it on a knight.

This evening we went to the sports complex and had a good walk while the boys played soccer. That felt good after several evenings of not being able to work it in!

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