Monday, July 10, 2006


I just realized I never posted about the actual opening of the airstrip we made a road trip to see! Last Friday the scheduled flight to another station was cancelled, so Garry took the opportunity to take the airplane into the new location.

This location is about 20 minutes from town, and when Garry arrived there the people were still working on the airstrip! We had set up a signal for them to let us know everything was in order, and they soon signalled and Garry made a low pass then landed.

Sure enough, the house on the approach had been moved, coconut trees cut down, low places filled with gravel (filling with dirt makes the pigs tear up the airstrip!), and the sides of the runway had been cleared. A lot of work has gone into getting this strip ready!

The whole village came out to welcome him and be thankful that the plane could once more come into their village! He did several more landings, walked the airstrip, and officially declared it open. Yeah!

We pray that air serive will be a blessing to the local church and community, allowing them to better fulfill God's call on their lives!

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