Thursday, July 27, 2006

The inspection is finished and the airplane is flying again! Today Jason is picking up some passengers from a tribal station so the daughter can head to boarding school in Manila. As we watch so many friends say "goodbye" to their kids at this time of year we are reminded to pray for them.

Garry is back in his office, taking care of the many e-mails and office details that have been set aside over the past two weeks. He enjoyed his time flying again and also working on the inspection, but he'll be glad to get his inbox cleaned out as well! On Tuesday he heads to Manila then Mindanao, so there is also a short list of "honey-do" things to take care of before he goes.

Last week Garry found out he needed a chest x-ray and ekg for his flight medical he'll be renewing in Manila. I was at the doctor's office getting some blood work done, so when he came to pick me up he asked the receptionist if they could do the test there and if he could make an appointment. She told him they could do the tests, "right now!", so in 20 minutes he had everything in hand! That's the fun side of medical care here. The other side is that since you can seldom make an appointment, you may go sit in the doctor's office for an hour or more, only to find out the doctor won't be in today.

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