Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jason and Jen left for Manila today... Jason is renewing his flight medical among other things. We hope they have a great time! We had planned to head to Manila and to visit another flight program base in two weeks, but some maintenance issues have come up, so we're going to postpone that trip until the end of August. This means our time is currently taken up with running the flight program here again.

The partner of the family who moved into the tribe on Tuesday had to leave the day they arrived. (He has a rather serious infection on his leg, which he has already spent some time in the hospital trying to resolve. He is currently in Manila.) They are much in our prayers as they adjust to life in a tribal setting without any partners! Hopefully Garry will be able to take thier partner and the rest of their stuff in on Monday.

Another flight came up for tomorrow, so Garry's at the airport right now getting the airplane loaded and adding a bit more fuel to the tanks. The boys are with him. On the way home Kaleb hopes to pick up his new bolo at the blacksmith shop. I'm hoping they take a few photos that I can post tomorrow:). I had hoped to get a good start on the flight billing, but a few other things have come up here at home. Maybe tomorrow:).

We got our Tagalog language course this week and are enjoying learning a few phrases. Learning to speak a language fluently is an incredible amount of work, but we hope we can at least learn enough to act more friendly in stores and on the street!

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