Monday, July 10, 2006

Good morning! These are just some fun photos of the guys playing basketball. The boys are getting pretty good... they do a lot of practicing to play as a team. Apparently Kevin shoots better and Kaleb is an awesome rebounder:). Sometimes Garry and Kevin play one-on-one and Kaleb plays on the side:).

Life is never static, and the flight program here in Palawan certainly has a propensity to keep life interesting! Yesterday we found out we have a problem with Jason's medical certificate, so they are heading to Manila to do paperwork. Since he has to go anyway they are going to take a week and see some doctors and take a little time to enjoy Manila. Which has put Garry back in the air again-- today a family is moving into one of the tribal stations for the first time. Their move will probably take another day or two of flights. Garry enjoys the flying, but it means we're trying to fit into this week the flights plus what we had planned!

I got a call from my parents this weekend. My Dad went back to the cardiologist and his heart medication is not working properly. Since the doctor in town isn't sure what to do since his blood pressure is already low and he doesn't have other risk factors for heart disease, my parents are heading to Caracas this week to see a specialist.

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